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The nanoString nCounter Analysis System is a cost effective option for researchers wanting accurate analysis of nucleic acids at single molecule resolution. NEXT-GENERATION SEQUENCING BIOINFORMATICS / BIO-IT MICROARRAY WORKSHOPS

This digital detection system is capable of analysing up to 800 genes within a single sample. It is ideal for pathway-based biological research that looks at interactions between specific genes and validates complex networks.

nanoString nCounter analysis provides an accurate, highly-sensitive alternative to quantitative PCR (an approach commonly used to validate next generation sequencing data).

The robust nature of the amplification-free chemistry means researchers can measure subtle changes from small and degraded samples, such as clinical tissue biopsies.

Applications for the nanoString nCounter analysis system include:

  • Targeted analysis of gene expression networks, such as biological pathways or disease states (e.g. breast cancer);
  • Validation of sequencing data for publication or commercial assay design;
  • Detection of chromosomal translocations, copy number variants and ChIP-enriched DNA;
  • Sensitive digital quantification, reducing the need for technical replication and revealing subtle changes often missed by traditional approaches; and
  • The ability to perform reproducible assays from low input (e.g. single cell) and poor quality material, such as formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) and crude cell extracts.



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