Please Note: NZ Genomics will no longer be accepting new projects from 1 July 2017. Visit our Services page for further details.


Genomics is an increasingly important component of both basic and industry-aligned research. That is why the New Zealand Government established NZGL – so local scientists had local access to the genomics technology and expertise needed to remain internationally competitive. All data is retained onshore, where it is secure and accessible to researchers through NZGL’s IT platform and supported software.

NZGL is a collaboration between three universities – The University of Auckland, Massey University and the University of Otago – supported by the New Zealand Government through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

It is thanks to the significant government and university collaborator support – $70m over 10 years – that many projects qualify for a substantial discount on services.

NZGL’s bioinformaticians understand the needs of New Zealand’s science community, because they are part of it. This is a key benefit of using NZGL: our team provides a personalised service, working alongside researchers to offer customised solutions and on-going support as required.

NZGL provides up to two hours of free advice from the bioinformatics team, as well as the free “Talk to a Bioinformatician” sessions, held regularly on the Auckland, Massey and Otago university campuses. Both of these options can help you work through aspects of your project, such as determining its practicalities, establishing approximate costs and assisting with grant application wording.

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The vision for NZGL is to have a significant, positive and wide-reaching impact on New Zealand’s national genomics capability, by ensuring New Zealand researchers and innovators have access to large-scale genomics infrastructure. This will include support and knowledge available through a nationwide collaborative approach. In the context of its vision for New Zealand genomics, NZGL will have a three-dimensional role as a facilitator, enabler and investor.



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